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Services at Muscle And Classic Restorations Ltd
a). Restorations
We can totally or partially restore your vehicle from really cool driver to fully detailed show car level.
b). Fabrication
This is the backbone to all good restorations and customs. During restorations all welded-in panels are removed and media blasted prior to repairs. Thus gaining access to internal structures for further blasting and repairs. By doing this the restoration is better than new as rust proofing was only in infancy during the period that these vehicles were made. Panels are then reattached as in factory, except with perfect panel fits in mind. We go to great detail to retain all factory contours, swages, drains, etc. All panels are hand wheeled to correct shapes avoiding the dependency on fillers.

The use of reproduction panels is avoided as much as possible as remedial work is always required to make them fit and they are usually made from substandard materials.
c). Engineering
We have a fully equipped general purpose machine shop, so we can scratch make, repair and modify any part that is required for your project. We offer engine rebuilding, power steering conversions, brake modifications or any custom or replication work that you may require.
d). Media Blasting
We have set up a purpose built blast room where we can totally blast even the largest car body, including trucks. We provide a blasting and priming service that caters for all of your project needs as well as our own in house requirements. We have set up equipment for the sole purpose of vehicle panels and parts using only fine medias and the best equipment. Due to years of experiance we can gaurantee no damage to panels.

Underbody compliance and partial blasting is also our specialty.
e). Preparation/Paint
The basis to any good restoration level paint job is what is underneath the paint. Your project will go through a series of stages that are required for that show condition look. Most people do not understand the total picture of what is required, here is an outline of these stages.
No matter how good the fabrication and repairs are there is always going to be filling required somewhere. Usually near where panels have been attached, for example, quarter panels attached to wheel arches and roof pillar. Depending on how much work has been done will depict how long this stage will take. Sanding is done with 40 grit sand paper followed by 80 grit to remove 40 grit marks. After this stage the vehicle is epoxy primed to seal for next stage.
We prefer to use 2k Spritz which is a two part spray filler. As there is basically no shrinkage in this material (5%, high build undercoats have 30%) it will ensure that all sanding marks from previous stage do not show. This material is guide coated and sanded by hand with 80 grit sand paper and due to its sanding properties it ensures all contours and lines are correct. This is followed by finer sanding to remove 80 grit marks.
Next stage is hi solids undercoating. This is sanded with 320 wet then 800 wet. This is the final stage prior to top coating. Solid colours do not require 800 sanding but as recently base coat/clear coats have taken over the industry the 800 stage will be required. There are other ways to do these stages but after years of experience we have found best results from these steps.
Top Coating: Since clear coating has taken over the industry we do all preparation and detail/parts painting and send out the top coating. We usually only process about 2 to 3 paint jobs per year so there is no justication for a bake oven at this time (panel shops have there booths in use daily).
If you require that show glass look, the paint must be flattened off and buffed. Some people prefer that factory slight orange peel look, this must also be flattened but only with 2000 grit prior to buff. Usually there is always a painted vehicle at our work shop for you to veiw.

Pictures never do a top paint job justice or flatter a bad job. Of course if you wish to use your own painter, this is no problem and we will work with them as required.
New Zealand has always had a lower dollar as compared to other major currencies, this along with our generally lower dollar rates and the fact that restoration quality is world renowned it makes it very advantageous for offshore clients to consider sending their project to us. We can handle all shipping, insurance, etc for your vehicle. All stages of the restoration can be viewed online. Our shop is open 7 days so viewing at almost any world time is possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us when planning your next restoration project.